A 10-session course to get drawn into the teachings of the 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita keeping the larger picture of Yoga and Yogasadhana and the Yogadarshana of Patanjali. We shall chant the Gita and study the gist. Each session includes a practice with Asanas and Pranayama focussing on ideas of the Pancamahabhutas and the Dashendriyas in Samkhyakarika.

Course Structure:

80-minutes study session on the yoga of two chapters of the Bhagavad Gita.
20-minutes chanting session
10-minutes break
40-minutes practice session will focus on the subject of Indriyas and the Pancamahabhutas based on Samkhya. 

Please note: Recordings of the session will be made available for a short period after the workshop.

About the teacher:

Sri. R. Sriram is a long term student of Sri. TKV. Desikachar and taught for several years under his personal guidance at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.

Since 1988, Sriram has been active in Germany, where he has built a large community of yoga teachers trained in giving individualised lessons and published several books relating Yoga to subjects of his interest – therapy, sound, breath, mantra and emotions. Together with Sri TKV Desikachar, he has brought out CDs on Vedic Chanting.

Sriram now spends his time in Germany and along with his wife, runs the Centre “Base Art Nature Yoga” in the Palani Hills, TamilNadu.

Web: www.sriram.de, www.basekodai.org

Course Fee:

For Indian Students (Living in India) – INR 15000

For International Students – EUR 250 

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Last Date for Registration: 8th Mar 2023.