Despite the best of our intentions, sometimes we lose touch with teaching, our personal practice, and from learning itself. Often, we feel it as a gaping hole — something we can’t quite put our finger on, but we know for sure that something is missing from our experience of life.

We have often heard from you, our Acarya alumni, the desire to come back to the teachings, so as to reinvigorate your own learning and journey on the path of yoga.

It is in response to this strong demand from you that we have put together a Continuous Education program for Acaryas. It comes in the form of a series of 3-day long in-person workshops, with the first one starting this June 23rd!

Take a look at the full program: 

23-25 June, 2023

25-27 August, 2023

17-19 November, 2023

23-25 February, 2023

Venue: CREST, Bangalore

You can choose to attend one or all — up to you.

Please write to us at to register your interest. We look forward to meeting you once again.