Every creation including our physical body is made up of the Pañca Bhūtas: Pṛithvi ( earth), Ap (Water), Tejas (fire), Vāyu (air) & Ākāśā (space). These elements have different characteristics and these also account for different faculties of human experience. Let us try to explore & connect to each of these elements through practice: moving from the gross to the subtle through Asana, Pranayama & Dharana. 

Week 1 Pṛithvi – is the element of earth and is responsible for structure and bulk of the


Week 2 Ap – is the element of water and is essential for the sustenance of life.

Week 3 Tejas – is the fire element responsible for energy or heat.

Week 4 Vāyu – Air is responsible for movement of all types and is vital for the existence of all living beings.

Week 5. Ākāśā – Space is an omnipresent and all-pervading element.

About the Teacher:

Lakshmy Narendra’s journey with Yoga started in 2008. She belongs to the first batch of  Yoga Acharya & Yoga Vaidya graduates at YogaVahini, Chennai and has continued to study under Saraswathi Vasudevan ever since.

She has extensive teaching experience in both group and individual settings across a wide age group. A senior therapist and mentor at YogaVahini Chennai, she is closely involved in Yoga Therapy work for Parkinson’s since 2015 and teaches at Parivarthan for Parkinson’s Foundation. An avid learner, she continues to learn from and work with senior teachers in the Sri Krishnamacharya tradition to enhance her study and practice.

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