a) Refund policy

The course fee once paid up is non-refundable except in the unlikely event of the course being cancelled by YogaVahini. (See Cancellation policy below) The course fee must be paid in full within the due date, even if the trainee misses out on certain parts of the training. In such cases, the trainee must make separate payment arrangements to catch up on missed modules with the trainer or the mentor. For late payments, a progressive penalty will be applied.

b) Cancellation policy
YogaVahini reserves the right to cancel the course if necessary. In the unlikely event of postponement or cancellation of the course, all monies will be reimbursed in full. However, YogaVahini will not take any responsibility for any incidental expenses incurred by the applicant for the same.

c) Withdrawal policy
Students withdrawing from the course will have to forfeit all fees paid, complete payment of any dues for classes attended, and are expected to complete an exit interview. Without this, any recognition of classes attended in any form won’t be provided.