Yoga Acharya

“Real education consists of drawing the best out of yourself”
– M K Gandhi

International Yoga Teacher Training Program
(Level 2) (RYT-200 hr*)

The Yoga Instructor Training Program (YITP) (RYT-200) is for those who have completed the Yoga Sadhana (Level 1) program and feel ready for a more serious commitment: wanting to learn yoga to teach others. It is part of the Yoga Acharya (RYT-500) program. Regular personal practice with a teacher from YogaVahini is a pre-requisite to apply for YITP.

The individual’s growth and learning is central to our training process. Certification is only a by-product, not the goal of our training.

The Yoga Acharya program requires that you have a strong desire to help yourself and others on the path towards healthier, happier and harmonious living and that you are committed to realising this intention. Spread over two years, this program provides the theoretical foundation and intensive hands-on practical training required for you to emerge as a competent and compassionate yoga teacher. The course curriculum, teaching methodology and practice principles are guided by the teachings of Sri T Krishnamacharya and Sri TKV Desikachar.

*YITP and Yoga Acharya are certified courses with Yoga Alliance.
RYT – Registered Yoga Teacher 

The main focus of the program is each individual’s personal development. You will learn to integrate appropriate practices and intensive study into your daily life to foster personal growth in the most gentle, effective and harmonious manner.

YogaVahini takes you beyond the role of a “yoga instructor” to that of a yoga teacher, equipping and empowering you to help others through yoga. You will join a growing global community of yoga professionals who are deeply committed to creating a happier, healthier and more peaceful world.

This is the first step towards becoming a yoga professional. You will learn to teach healthy people in group setting and personalised practices in the traditional Viniyoga approach. You will learn to teach according to the needs and abilities of different age groups of children and adults for the purpose of maintaining health and preventive care.

  • Offers 200 hours of intensive training in classical yoga that is based on the principles of Yoga and Samkhya.
  • Incorporates a comprehensive curriculum with a judicious mix of theoretical study, practical application and self-reflective understanding that empowers you to emerge as a confident and compassionate yoga instructor.
  • Includes study from classical and relevant yoga texts that is contextualised for the contemporary yoga practitioner and teacher.
  • Ensures personal attention is provided for each student for your personal and professional development, combined with adequate support and guidance from the trainer and the mentor throughout the course.
  • Offers community support wherein you are part of a yoga community through which you can receive and offer support in order to manifest your highest potential through yoga.
  • Provides opportunity for community outreach service by engaging with groups such as homes for underprivileged children and senior citizens, schools etc., thus taking yoga into the larger community and learning to adapt teaching methodology to diverse populations with varied needs and abilities.

Each participant receives personalised attention and guidance both in personal and professional development. The teaching methodology, approach and process are aligned to our core philosophy: the individual is more important than the tools and techniques.

A healthy student-teacher relationship lays the foundations for learning. In this course, each student has a mentor who provides support and guidance throughout the training. In addition, for those graduates who are interested in continuing with their studies and require guidance in future work, YogaVahini offers ongoing mentorship to support you along your personal and professional path.

During the training, students will be facilitated to transfer the class-room learning to real life situation through internship and teaching under supervision and guidance in group & one-on-one setting for normal, healthy adults.

The 100 hours of Internship work includes:

  • Observing & assisting group teaching
  • Observing & assisting one-on-one sessions
  • Teaching Community classes
  • Supervised One-on-one/Group class teaching
  • Attending Allied Workshops & Seminars

Today, the Sanga (community) is the real teacher. This program offers you an opportunity to participate and engage in a healthy community of like-minded people committed to the path of personal growth and transformation; a group that can inspire social change.

Upon successful completion of the course, we offer professional advice and support for developing your own practice as well as teaching opportunities to hone your skills and become an effective Yoga Teacher.

  • A basic experiential understanding and appreciation of the art, science and philosophy of Yoga
  • Developed a functional knowledge of the practices of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation and how to appropriately apply these tools of Yoga for healthy adults and children.
  • Acquired the ability to teach group classes and general (non-therapeutic) individual sessions in a safe, effective and confident manner with on-going mentorship beyond the training.
  • A certificate recognising you as a Certified Yoga Teacher that allows you to apply for RYT-500 certificate with Yoga Alliance.