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Centre for Specialised Yoga Training, Therapy & Research
Ramaniyam Smriti Apartments, 1st Floor, 21/3, Beach Road, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar. Chennai 600090
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Yoga Sadhana 2016
This yoga Sadhana has in a large way brought my sense of body back to me. Through the classes I have realised a lot about myself, in terms of suppressed emotions, diffidence. I feel more in control of myself and feel the urge to better myself and move forward.

Suchitra Ramkumar, Chennai

Yoga Sadhana 2016
The journey of last two months. Significant changes: I am more observant of body and breath. I could clearly correlate a certain shoulder stiffness with a change that I wanted to bring about in my work life. The focus on ekagrata both in the lectures and in the personal sessions was very helpful. I feel that my body never lies, nor can it. Watching whats happening in my body tells me more about myself than my thoughts. I understood how my thoughts can be more tiring than physical activity.

Emma Marcello, Chennai

Teacher of Yoga & Buddhist Meditation
I met Saraswathi Dec. 31, 2008 and spent New Years Eve and Day with her. My first impressions, which have been bourne out was of a soft-spoken gentle soul. When you first meet her, she is so unassuming that until you get to know her, you do not realize how powerful a woman she is, because her power comes from presence and not from personality or ego. The thing I appreciate the most about Saraswathi is her approach to teaching, which is not so much content oriented as it is process oriented. And one cannot forget her warm smile.

Peter Brother, Canada