YogaVahini is a centre for specialised Yoga therapy, training and research. YogaVahini was born out of close to three decades of study, practice and teaching of yoga in the very unique tradition of Sri.T.Krishnamacharya and Sri TKV Desikachar that respects and honours each individual’s uniqueness and specific strengths and challenges. In 2016 we founded YogaVahini Foundation as a Public Charitable Trust.

Our Mission

to make yoga therapy an integral part of mainstream health care
to take Yoga to rural and other communities who may otherwise not have access to Yoga.
to conduct qualitative and quantitative research
to establish the role of yoga in preventive care and healing, thereby making
yoga teaching a credible and respectable profession.

Flagship Programs

Please note that we are reviewing our Training programs currently and will have more details on the Yoga Acharya (2022 – 24) &

Yoga Vaidya (2023 onwards) programs available in due course. However, if you wish to pursue learning/training with YogaVahini,

you can begin NOW! 

Upcoming Programs

Group Classes