YogaVahini Covid Protection Offerings

A team of 100+ Senior yoga therapists, yoga teachers, Ayurvedic and modern medicine doctors have come together for this initiative.

This is a COVID specific offering (not a general yoga class) for:

Preventive care – towards respiratory health, immunity, and lowering anxiety and stress
Covid symptoms – supporting the immune system and your breathing if you have COVID-19
Covid recovery – healing your system and strengthening immunity if recovering from COVID-19

How it works
– This is a one-on-one online class held once a week, not a general group yoga class
– You will learn what to practice and how to practice in 4 sessions
– You will receive clear practice which you can continue to do on your own
– You will be taught by a small team consisting of a teacher/therapist with assisting teachers/trainees for the purpose of offering maximum care and follow-up

Our team of teachers is committed to supporting our communities in dealing with these difficult times. This program is being offered in the spirit of community service at special fees (mentioned in the form below).

Please fill this form in case you would like to avail this opportunity:

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