Reverence in movement and stillness…Every movement is an expression of the mind through the body. A myriad range of things happen in one movement. By staying focused on the body with breath as the anchor, and simultaneously being aware of all other elements that enable us, we sensitize ourselves to our outer and inner world. In stillness we can connect to ourselves and see the interconnectedness of the inside with the outside…a state of Reverence.

Let us explore this concept on the mat, so that it may flow into our life.

Mamatha Talluri is a Yoga teacher and practitioner. She began her journey into Yoga practice as a therapy student with Amala Akkineni. She was inspired by the power of Healing through Yoga and became a sincere practitioner. Mamatha later trained with Saraswathi Vasudevan as Yoga Acarya and Yoga Vaidya. She has been teaching for over 12 years now, working closely with Smt. Saraswathi for several years. Mamatha also teaches Healing chants from the Vedas and is passionate about exploring the inter connectedness of sound, movement, mind, and healing. She continues to learn Chanting, as well as Yoga sutras and other aspects of Yoga from teachers of Sri Krishnamacarya tradition.

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