It is a precious time that one reaches after many years spent living a life of fulfilling obligations and responsibilities. This stage can be spent in a relaxed manner doing what one always dreamed of and in good health and vitality, with strength and joy!

The practice of yoga regularly keeps the body and the mind of the elder healthy and peaceful. However, practices have to be tailored to suit their current status while keeping in mind the stage of life and how yoga can help enhance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Teachers who work with the elderly must fully comprehend what it means to guide these individuals. Our workshop will help you understand the stages in life and what one can expect while we teach the elderly. There will be some yogic perspectives through which we can understand this stage better. Understanding the do’s and don’ts, appropriate diet and lifestyle suggestions for better health and preventive care and practical sessions exploring tools and techniques that are best suited to the needs of this stage of life. 

Please note that this workshop will NOT address therapeutic needs of the elderly but focus on general wellbeing and preventive care for the ageing population.

The workshop will be conducted by our senior teachers Uttara Venugopal and Krishnaveni Alluri with many years of experience in this area of work.

Do join us to learn how to care for our elders.

Workshop Fee: 

For Indian Students (Living in India) – 3000 INR

For International Students – 70 USD

We shall provide the workshop recordings for a short period of time.

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