The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a brilliant text about the human psyche. The psyche is neither limited to the analytical and intellectual mind nor does it reside only in the brain. Our psyche is not separate from our embodied cellular consciousness. 

In this series, we will attempt to bring some ideas from the Yoga Sutra into our practice and experience these ideas/words through our mat-practice at an embodied level. We will focus on the niyama-s that are an integral aspect of ashtaṅga practice. Over five weeks, we will explore and experience each niyama in and through our on-the-mat practice.

About the teacher

Anita completed her Yoga Acarya and Yoga Vaidya training at YogaVahini and has been teaching in this tradition for over nine years now. She has a doctoral degree in curriculum design, and is a Reiki Master. In her group and individual sessions, she brings together pedagogical processes, conceptual understanding and deep listening for healing and reflective enquiry. She lives in a small village in the Western Ghats with her family.

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