Students Speak

Yoga Sadhana 2016
This yoga Sadhana has in a large way brought my sense of body back to me. Through the classes I have realised a lot about myself, in terms of suppressed emotions, diffidence. I feel more in control of myself and feel the urge to better myself and move forward.

Yoga Sadhana 2016
The journey of last two months. Significant changes: I am more observant of body and breath. I could clearly correlate a certain shoulder stiffness with a change that I wanted to bring about in my work life. The focus on ekagrata both in the lectures and in the personal sessions was very helpful. I feel that my body never lies, nor can it. Watching whats happening in my body tells me more about myself than my thoughts. I understood how my thoughts can be more tiring than physical activity.

Yoga Sadhana 2016
Taking part in the yoga sadhana course has helped me create more spaciousness in my relationships – to see how both my behaviour and the other’s are not fixed, there is space for pause and transformation. Also how even 5 minutes of breathing practice can shift my energy levels and my state of mind.

Personalised Yoga Classses > 2014
I have become a more positive person and have significantly reduced negative thinking. Am able to bounce back from difficult situations much faster. These have been achieved through a more conscious understanding of my thoughts, behaviour. After several years I have managed to start visualizing situations, hold my thoughts with a focussed mind for a bit longer. Anger is lesser than before. I still have miles to go before I sleep. This has helped me managed my hypertension better and improve my relationships with people who matter.

Yoga Acharya 2015-16
Yoga is the union of the mind and the body yoked by breath. I always wondered if the above statement was only for people who chose the alternate path – more intellectual and spiritual. No- not all! An interesting turn of events led me to Saras. The experience at Yogavahini made me understand that ‘Yoga – IS THE MOST PRACTICAL TOOL to embrace our day to day life’. The approach at YogaVahini is simple, subtle, graceful and repeatedly emphasis on staying with a practice.

My favourite definition of Yoga is “Apraptasya Praptih Yogah”- meaning – achieving the unachievable or simply obtaining that which one did not have before- physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. I have done the Sadhana Program and am now doing the Acharya. The journey is PURELY EXPERIENTIAL, SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE to each individual-irrespective of what one reads, writes, listens and watches about yoga. It is simply beautiful.

My journey has just begun!!

Yoga Vaidya 2014-16
The Yoga Vaidya yoga therapy diploma course at YV has changed my life and thus my relationship with students. I now feel I have the personal discipline and tools of asana, pranayama and meditation to truly improve the well being of my students. Studying yoga therapy in India with Saraswathi and her colleagues has been an invaluable experience that we have shared worldwide.

Yoga Acharya 2014-15
I have been used to asana practice earlier since 1993 but I learnt the science behind each asana and technically understood where it works and how to modify the same based on individuals needs. I am confident in teaching a course for any gender and any age group at ease now it is purely based on the Practical training we received during the course.

Yoga Vaidya 2014-16
Making the long journey to Chennai from Sydney, Australia twice a year for the past two years to undertake YogaVahini’s Yoga Therapy (Yoga Vaidya) teacher training has transformed me. My inner light is no longer obscured by the fog of depression which had enveloped me for some time beforehand, due in no small part to being reminded of the timeless teachings of yoga as taught by the radiant Saraswathi Vasudevan and her highly educated teaching faculty.

Discipline is certainly required, along with an attitude of total self responsibility for my actions and their consequences, however, it is both a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of the YogaVahini community, and I sincerely intend to remain in touch well beyond my forthcoming graduation in January 2017. From learning Vedic chant, to experiential practices that taught me how to refine my alignment from within, the learning environment at YogaVahini is dynamic and evolutionary, certainly calling forth my inner dance, and undoubtedly so for any others who may visit.

Yoga teacher & therapist.
Founder, Kapila Yoga.
I was a yoga practitioner from my childhood. Somewhere in the middle of growing up I lost that habit. Perhaps, because it was more of a physical Asana practice. Then a few years ago, I started learning comprehensive Yoga under Mrs. Saraswathi Vasudevan of Yogavahini. The idea of Mind, Body and Breath was introduced to my practice for the very first time. Principles like “Staying in the moment (atha)” and understanding the Body and its innate nature to teach the process to help you heal was a big learning in my life. While teacher training course allowed me to be so much more aware of my breath and live in the present, the Therapy course helped me pay attention to my body as a whole. The rich and deep meaning of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s with Krishnamacharya’s teachings of personalized yoga has enriched my knowledge through Saras. The course work was very wholesome which will enable every one to enjoy Yoga in everyday life and to make a positive contribution to society by teaching others. These days, there is not a single day that goes without yoga practice. I have also been teaching many students in Hyderabad, India and now in Seattle, WA.

Director, Marieke’s Art of Living
Having had the inspirational and transformative experience of two workshops with Saraswathi when she first taught in Australia, I have been privileged she has accepted my invitations to lead my yoga retreats in Bali, South India, Darjeeling and Victoria over the last eight years. Saras’ presence, extraordinary learnedness, teaching, breadth and width of heart and knowledge, gentleness and patience emanated into wonderful retreats allowing for deep and fully supported self-exploration and growth for all the students. Whilst classically trained and disciplined she is particularly adept and intuitive about how to adopt the ancient wisdoms and make them accessible, pertinent, and meaningful as we unravel the calamities and challenges of life and meaning in the Western world. Her profoundest gift is as a teacher who provides a safe and trustworthy yoga path, all the while remaining herself a student revealing her own lessons. Working under Saras’ guidance has changed my life forever, and I hope we will be blessed to keep finding future collaborations.

From the Yoga Retreat at Portsea, Victoria, March 2016
Thank you also once again for providing such an important opportunity for self-study with so much support provided. I am certainly still feeling the rippled effect of the time we had together. With regards the wisdom, teachings and practices: Many times, I just wanted to sit for ages and absorb the depth of understanding and experience-that is a huge positive. I feel incredibly empowered and clear about what my life needs to look like to make future progress and feel hugely inspired to put this into practice. It brought me right back to what matters to me most in life-the pieces of the puzzle, so to speak, all fell into place.In short, I feel as if I have been given the keys to the Universe.

From the Yoga Retreat at Portsea, Victoria, March 2016
In a lifetime of journeys the most significant I have embarked upon is the learning of self. Along the way I encountered a workshop led by Saraswathi Vasudevan’s supported by Marieke from Marieke’s Art of Living and shared by a group of inspiring women. The energy was powerful, the honesty humbling and the wisdom profound. Twenty eight women in a room will always generate emotion and we shared across the spectrum: tears spilled, laughter flowed, we danced, and ideas blossomed. Saras guided us to breathe with deep awareness and to seek clarity within each life brimming inhalation and exhalation – settled there in that unremarkable daily act I discovered remarkable truths. How blessed to find myself in that place, on these days, connected to the greater possibilities of my being, through the spiritual benevolence of Saras. Her teachings guide me daily and I will always be grateful for our encounter.

From the Yoga Retreat at Portsea, Victoria, March 2016
Thank you for offering the opportunity of spending time with Saras. Her presence was exquisite, so palpably present in her serenity. I loved the retreat and my experience of yoga was deepened enormously, especially in regard to the breath. It was encapsulated by the Rumi poem you sent out, the line “….the breath within the breath”.

I find myself pondering different aspects of Saras’s wisdom and my experiences of the retreat, holding them gently and simply being open to what may emerge. The effort has diminished. It is as though the questions she posed have quietly settled on the bottom of the lake, sending gentle ripples to the surface. The retreat is still alive for me.

Co-owner Yoga Therapy Toronto, Registered Psychotherapist/Yoga Therapist
It is with great enthusiasm that we host Saraswathi from YogaVahini to Canada every year. Her professionalism and experience in Yoga and Yoga Therapy are among the best we have ever known. Saraswathi continues to push the boundaries in redefining yoga therapy as a relevant topic for Western audiences today. All those who have studied with her, without exception, have been touched and transformed by her gifts as a yoga teacher and healer.

A Teacher and Friend
I have studied with Saraswathi since 2004 when I did an intensive course at KYM. I found her to be an outstanding teacher in many ways. Living in Hyderabad I would book a trip to Chennai and spend a couple of hours with her studying the Yoga Sutras every day we could spare. When she began to travel and teach, I was delighted to continue as planned and regular study of Yoga with her. She was gracious to accept our invitation to teach at Hyderabad.It has been a great joy and privilege to be Saraswathi’s student. I hope and pray that my Yoga journey will have her guidance, friendship and support always.

Yoga Teacher Trainer & Therapist
At the time of Kaliyuga. A time where all our fundamental values are upside down. A time where our main supports are challenged : processed food, family structures falling apart, holistic health at least half healthy, to say the least. Yoga is a journey to set our heart free to start Living! To be Awake! A journey to harmoniously link with our heart and consequently link with the bigger picture: the universe which includes all beings.In today’s context, these things require courage, humility and effort.I strongly believe that Saraswathi of YogaVahini is a true representation of yoga in this form.

Course Tutor, British Wheel of Yoga, Governing Body for Yoga in Great Britain
I have had the honour and privilege to have been a student of Saraswathi for some years. I invited her to teach two seminars in England, January 2008, entitled “Transforming Patterns”, and all who attended were impressed with her ability to explain difficult topics with ease, bringing clarity and understanding. She is a remarkable teacher and I hope to continue to study with her for many years.

It is not easy for someone like me to be connected to Yoga knowledge after connecting to quite few methods of spiritual healing and understanding. The way this Yoga knowledge been presented is holistic and universal, and when I say the word universal, I mean it, it suit and resonate with all kind of cultures and groups across the globe. Yoga Vahini is knowledge and enlightenment. I am so fascinated with the understanding and presentation of the mind, it gave me a very clear view of how to deal with the mind and reach clarity.Yoga Vahini as knowledge and practice is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, sex, health condition, religion, or spiritual level.

Yoga Therapist and Educator, Los Angeles, California, USA
Saraswathi Vasudevan is a rare individual. She consistently combines her vast wealth of practical knowledge and profound humility with a great sensitivity to the needs of each student. As both a seasoned healer and Yoga educator, she has a knack for effortlessly drawing the best from each person, whether it be a higher state of health, or a greater understanding of that which is being studied.

Founder The Red Tent, Clinical Yoga Therapist for In-Patient Eating Disorder and Chemical Dependency Recovery
It was with Saraswati that I made the challenging transition from being a “technician” in my clinical yoga therapy work to becoming a responsive and creative healer. It is a unique and inspired teacher that can midwife such a transition for a student. I simply cannot imagine my life, as well as my work, without her wise counsel. Saraswati’s deep understanding and respect for the fundamentals of yoga grace her healing work with creativity and confidence. These two qualities that she embodies are keystones on any healing path aimed at therapeutically applying ancient wisdoms to modern ailments. Saraswati transmits these gifts to her students by inspired classroom presentations as well as how she lives her life. Heartbreakingly humble and fiercely ethical Saraswati is an inspired guide for any woman on a journey to discovering her true Self.

Life Coach
Since I started yoga, my life has changed so much. I am seeing myself more calmer nowadays, my skin feels smoother and I am sleeping better. The practice has helped me with stress reduction from concentrating on my breathing and has greatly increased the flexibility of the body. I received training in Meditation, Pranayama and Asanas which I practice everyday. I feel like being in her Gurukulam for these 4 months, blessed to be associated with the group.

Teacher of Yoga & Buddhist Meditation
I met Saraswathi Dec. 31, 2008 and spent New Years Eve and Day with her. My first impressions, which have been bourne out was of a soft-spoken gentle soul. When you first meet her, she is so unassuming that until you get to know her, you do not realize how powerful a woman she is, because her power comes from presence and not from personality or ego. The thing I appreciate the most about Saraswathi is her approach to teaching, which is not so much content oriented as it is process oriented. And one cannot forget her warm smile.